This is a selection of Miscellaneous models including: aircraft, clocks, ball rollers, fairground rides and towers, that I have built. Click on the image or caption below and go to the page about the model with larger pictures, information about its construction and origins.

Platform scales thumb

1929 Meccano Platform Scales

Model 5.31 thumb

Hand Operated Gantry Crane

Meccanograph thumb

Meccanograph design machine

Dragonfly helicopter

Dragonfly Helicopter

vertical log saw thumb

SML 23 Vertical Log Saw

Elephant thumb

Walking Elephant

Big wheel thumb

Big wheel

Eifel tower thumb

Eiffel Tower 2015


Fascinating Rods

Thomb Big Wheel 1970

1970 Big Wheel

Rotating Big Wheel

SML Big Wheel

Ping Pong Ball Roller

Percy Version 2

Blackpool Tower

Consul "The Educated Monkey"

Pendulum Clock

Nuremburg Clock

Small Meccano Windmills

1930's flying boat

Twin engine flying boat

DoX thumbnail

1937 DoX Flyingboat

Log Sae Thumb

Meccano Log Saw SML 10

Windmill thumb

Large Windmill

Scales 1937

Scales 1937 7/8 manual

Foreign Legion Fort thumb

Foreign Legion Fort


March 12 2013 Revised February 06 2019

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