This another model built from the parts in my circa 1930 red and green number 7 set that I in Canada. The set has now been repatriated to the U.K. I just did not have the time during my visits to full enjoy its potential. This model certainly falls into the simple category "Super Model No.23. Vertical Log Saw" first published by Meccano in 1928. The model hardly justifies the term Super Model nor the four page instruction leaflet (cover shown above) but most of the text is about prototype mechanical saws, so you get to learn something of the real world of engineering. The instructions are very clear with four detailed photographs you hardly have need of the text. The rollers, built up from large flanged wheels feed the logs through the twin vertical saw blades made from rack strips that rapidly move up and down. Despite its simplicity the model has a certain vintage charm and was no doubt built by many kids in the 1930’s. Below all the parts used to build the saw. The model was straight forward to build the only changes I made was to substitute the 1" triangular brackets on the frame with flat girders and add a flywheel at the drive end instead of the 2" pulley. When completed the model ran very well the flywheel helping to give a smooth action. It would have been very nice to drive it with a steam engine but I do not have one of those in Canada so it was just operated by hand. The instructions suggest, “It can be set in motion using a steam engine or a Meccano electric motor of either high (110-250 volts) or low voltage type”. You are warned if using the former to consult the special leaflet obtainable from Meccano dealers before plugging the motor into the house electric circuit. Click on the YouTube logo to see this model in action. This model makes a nice companion to the more complicated Meccano Log Saw SML10   that I have also built. Page created August 29 2107 Revised May 23 2020