In March 2016 I was fortunate enough to purchase a vintage red and green number 7 set dating from around 1930 but not in an original cabinet. The set was owned by a lady in Ontario, Canada it had belonged to her father a lifetime Meccano enthusiast. She wanted it to go to a good home where it would be used and appreciated I would like think I meet that requirement. It was good opportunity to own a set I could keep in Canada and to use when I visit my son and his family. To find out more about the set click here (available later). The first model I choose to build was one of the smaller “Super Model” plans number 18 the “Revolving Crane” published by Meccano in 1928 it was a long lived model and become included in the “L” set manual 1934-1937 . Many of Super Models were not what would be considered as “Super Models” today however the big difference in these was that unlike the manual models these had detailed instructions and several pictures plus information about the original machines depicted in the world of mechanical engineering. I have never seen this particular model built and thought it would be fun to build and it was. The Original SML No 18 cover is shown above. I followed the original instructions with just a few minor changes. One was to put cross bracing across the front of the crane it really needs this to have rigidity, a strange omission as this is was not originally a set model. I left out the reversing for the hoist partly because I could not understand how it should work and was not needed as you can just turn the handle the other way! I rather liked the sliding bevel drive for the screw drive luffing so I kept that. I would imagine the reversing of these functions would have suited the model had it been motor driven. I also just had to make use of what was a mint looking two sheaf pulley block instead of the made up one and the 1930 original cord! After the model was completed I was very pleased with it and thought it looked very good in the circa 1930 red and green parts and deserved a place on my website. The green and brass parts are all original but some of the red parts have been re-sprayed to match the original colour. Page created September 02 2016 Revised 27/10/16