SML 11 original 1928 instruction front cover Meccano Single Horitontal Steam Engine
This model Steam Engine has always been a favourite of mine and I have built it several times in my adult Meccano career. The instructions for "The Single Cylinder Horizontal Steam Engine" were  originally published in 1928 as Super Model Leaflet No.11 shown on the left. As I am fortunate in having a large collection of circa 1930 red and green parts comprising the contents of the Number 7 Outfit. I thought it gave me an opportunity to replicate the model as close as possible to the original instructions. When I got out the parts from the No.7 box I found a problem  the instructions showed the open ended p/n52 obsolete in 1927 a year before the plans were published! However I had some in poor condition, this necessitated  stripping and spraying. I would guess the model plan was produced and photographed before the new style parts were available. The use of the p/n52 closed end plates needs considerable changes to the construction of the "engine bed." Later editions of the plan do mention changes needed to be made to the construction but no other explanation, revised instructions were not published until 1936, when the leaflet became SML11A. The model was very straightforward to build especially as I have built it several times, I encountered no problems. I used nickel parts for the cross-head guides to avoid stripping the paint from my green parts when it ran. I have a 4 volt a/c 1930 long side plate electric motor, a perfect colour match for the parts. I was recommended by the late Geoff Brown that it would be quiet safe to use 8-10 volts d/c as a power source. The motor ran well with the reduction gearing but when I connected the chain drive it struggled as I did not want to stress this very old motor. I changed it for a later 1934 20 volt motor of the same dimensions, shown right running this at 15 volts a/c from a 1950’s Hornby Dublo controller it performed brilliantly and has a real nostalgic feel, with lots of noise too! Some of the photographs show the red motor but the video has the blue motor, see above this was changed at the time of producing the video. For me its a pity it does not match the dark red of the other parts. There is a video you can view about this model showing the construction & its operation click here or on the YouTube logo. Trivia. When I purchased the 1930 Number 7 Outfit it came with the manuals including all the Super Model Leaflets included with the set 7, the copy of SML 11 however was not published in Liverpool but in the U.S.A . by Meccano Company Inc, Elizabeth, N.J. Click to view my dark blue and yellow version of the model based on the the later SML11A click to view the page. Page published August 13 2023 Revised 09/09/2023
Meccano Single Horitontal Steam Engine on the bench
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Meccano Single Horitontal Steam Engine close up Meccano Single Horitontal Steam Engine Meccano Single Horitontal Steam Engine Meccano Single Horitontal Steam Engine