Farm tractor overhead view Farm tractor overhead side view Farm tractor low level front view Farm tractor underside view Farm tractor rear view
This model of a farm tractor is based on plans in the New Models Leaflet No.9 published in 1962. This was the last in a series of model leaflets produced between 1960 - 1962. These were only available to Meccano Guild members and registered owners of Meccano sets so are rare today but can be found on line. The exploded diagrams and photograph (see bottom of this page) was a new departure for Meccano from previous published instructions. I thought the tractor looked an attractive design that would look good built in 1978-79 dark blue parts. Some of the parts have been repainted, the flexible plates as far is known were never originally produced in dark blue although though they are shown illustrated on the box of 1978/79 Extension set L. The instructions were one of the very few published that feature the large plastic 4.25" Road Wheels p/n187a, this part was never included in any set nor shown in advertising. I have never had a liking for these large plastic wheels clearly neither did Meccano enthusiasts at the time, they withdrawn in 1973. Apparently the mould was damaged, sales were so low it was not worth the cost of replacing it. As often happens with old plastic the original mid-grey has turned a musty cream. I have used 3" pulleys/tyres and 2" pulleys/tyres instead of the plastic road wheels shown in the instruction sheet. The model is driven by a No.1 clockwork motor using a gear chain of 57 tooth gears and 19 tooth pinions to the rear wheels instead of gears and final chain drive illustrated, the tractor runs at a nice steady pace. If you find this an attractive model and would like to build it instructions can be downloaded here or below.
Page created October 06 2023