This model of a Portable Crane which was a common item in engineering workshops in the 19th and 20th centuries. The model is from 1930 4-7 manual (shown below) I built it using contemporary red and green parts. Its a bit of a mystery to me as to why such a simple model needed to be built from the content of a Number 6 Outfit. I have modified the crane using extra parts: a ratchet and pawl instead of the band brake and a single sheaf pulley block instead of the made up trunnion pulley block. There was an earlier version of this model published in the 1923 Book of Instructions (shown below) that did not use curved strips and used the early version of the pawl and a 19t pinion instead of the later strap brake. A simpler version of the Portable Crane (shown on the right)  appeared in the 1950 number 3 outfit manual as a Portable Garage Crane no doubt used lift engine blocks from a vehicle. In 1954 it was much improved featuring the new triangular flexible plates. Both versions of the crane used the good old Meccano favourite strap brake, that works surprisingly well. The two versions from the manuals are shown (below right).
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