engraving of overtype engine engraving of overtype engine  showing clockwork motor engraving of overtype engine engraving of overtype engine Overhead Steam Engine Overhead Steam Engine detail showing valves, crankshaft,cylinders
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This large Overtype Steam Engine is a model designed by the master Hungarian builder Andreas Konkoly several decades ago. Andreas Konkoly (1918-2003) was one of the most famous of all Meccano model-builders, and published an enormous number of plans for unique and unusual Meccano models. Instructions were published published in the "Constructor Quarterly" magazine of March 1992. The model is designed to be built from a Number Ten Outfit, my model is built from the contents of a mid 1950's Number 10 Outfit and is powered by a Meccano 1930’s No.2 clockwork motor. I have made a few changes to the instructions that were published in the "Constructor Quarterly" . The instructions show  hand rails built up from perforated  strips,  I have used a combination of long bolts, rods, collars and couplings, which I thought looked more like they should be. I was not sure about the fluted chimney and borrowed the design from a Meccano No. 10 manual Overhead Steam Engine first published in 1937. The model runs well with the Meccano clockwork motor as you can see in the YouTube video . Overtype engines similar to this model were manufactured to provide a factory power plant where there might be restricted space.  Being self contained with it's own boiler and furnace they were basically a large traction engine without wheels. One major builder was Richard  Garrett and Sons of Leiston Suffolk one of these engines is on display at the Long Shop Museum, Leiston, Suffolk shown below. Visiting the museum was the inspiration to want to build a model of this type of engine.
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