Maldon Essex

This picture was taken on Northey Island in the River Blackwater. The Island is owned by the National Trust and is a nature reserve. A visit to the island can be arranged by contacting the warden and obtaining a permit. There are occasional open days although these are few and far between partly due to fragility of the environment and disturbance of a nature reserve. The pictures below were taken on the open day of Sunday September 23 2007

The view below is of the causeway from Northey island, a trackway that has probably been there since Roman times. Here over a thousand years ago raiding Danes crossed and fought a battle with the Saxons lead by Brythnoth, in a field on the mainland where the Saxons were defeated.

The picture below is a hulked Thames sailing barge thought to have been beached in one of the islands creeks in the 1960s.This was often done to conserve the river banks from erosion.